The CAO (Centralized Autocratic Organization) Q&A


Q: How does this work?
Q: 怎么回事?

A: CAO is a token made on SmartBCH by im_uname#100 (@im_uname on twitter). There are 1 billion tokens. 500 million are paired with 2 BCH for liquidity by im_uname split between Benswap and Mistswap. Each month he'll sell an additional 5 million tokens for BCH on a random day.
A: 草币是im_uname#100(@im_uname on twitter)在SmartBCH上发的一代币,总量为十亿枚,其中五亿搭上两枚BCH在benswap和mistswap提供流动性。每个月本人将随机选一天抛售五百万枚,抛完为止。

Q: What is the token address?
Q: 代币地址是啥?

A: 0x8358758D3952A0146560F3584d3b219ed631E1ea

Q: What is the purpose of this coin?
Q: 发这币的目的是什么?

A: So im_uname can have more BCH.
A: 我觉得我的BCH不够,得多整点

Q: Does this benefit humanity in any way?
Q: 搞这个对社会对人类有什么好处吗?

A: I am a human, therefore it benefits humanity.
A: 我是人类,所以对人类有好处。

Q: Is there any tokenomics thing going on? Buybacks, burns, staking, something to support the price?
Q: 你不做点什么来支持币价吗,回购、销币、质押什么的?

A: No.

Q: How are you gonna use the BCH from selling tokens?
Q: 你换了这些BCH来做甚?

A: General BCH stuff and videogames.
A: 各种BCH相关事务,估计也会买点游戏吧

Q: Do we get a say on which things you use it for?
Q: 我们对你怎么花这些BCH总有发言权吧

A: No. You'll hear them in updates though.
A: 并没有,但我花钱时会告诉你

Q: What happens when you sell all your tokens?
Q: 你存货卖完了之后会怎样?

A: Then the organization becomes decentralized.
A: 这不就去中心化了吗

Q: Is this a satire on DAOs?
Q: 你这是在碰瓷DAO吧?

A: Who told you that, I'll never do that.
A: 坚决否认

Q: What does the logo signify?
Q: 这图什么意思?

A: See the green blobs? To the right is you, to the left is me, you are giving me BCH.
A: 右边是你,左边是我,你在给我BCH

Q: 你这缩写和logo是在玩烂梗吧?

A: 说啥呢,绝无此事

Q: 这烂梗有些不雅吧?

A: 再说一次,哪有什么烂梗,想多了

Q: What are the Chinese questions saying? Something about bad chinese puns?

A: Don't worry about them.

Q: This sounds like what Ripple is doing.
Q: 好像瑞波币不就在干这事?

A: Anything you suspect is pure coincidence.
A: 如有雷同,纯属巧合

Q: Can I at least get an airdrop?
Q: 大老给个空投?

A: No.

Q: This looks like a shameless cashgrab.
Q: 你这不抢钱吗

A: Excuse me, it's an HONEST shameless cashgrab.
A: 童叟无欺,你情我愿,何抢之有?

Q: What if you rug us?
Q: 你不会割我们韭菜吧?

A: I sell 5 million tokens every month.
A: 我每个月得卖五百万枚的,已经在割了

Q: Why is the telegram channel announce-only?
Q: 官方tg群怎么不让发言?

A: So you can be spared from reading worthless messages from people asking for airdrops.
A: 让发言还得了,都是求空投的烦死了

Q: I want to talk about it! Can I make my own groups?
Q: 我还是想讨论你这币,能自己建群吗

A: Sure. Please do not invite me though.
A: 请随意,别邀我就行

Q: This is on SmartBCH, I only have good old fashioned BCH. How do I convert between them?
Q: 这是smartBCH侧链上的吧,我只有传统的主链BCH,怎么转过去?


Q: I don't have any BCH.
Q: 我没BCH怎办

A: That is unacceptable. Buy some immediately at your local exchange.
A: 没BCH还不赶紧买?

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